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The Android app Myth Stories believes in providing a stories based education to enable kids understanding the morals in life, kind of choices made in a situation, the underlying concept of mythology and how a real life decision is made. Myth stories help kids fine tune their creativity, make themselves smarter and make reading, listening and improving conversations a habit.

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The Android app MiMiBee is focussed on giving kindergarten education in a state of the art methodology where kids learn fast and keeps themselves engaged in the diversity of the content and topic of their choice based on their interest through out the day. Stunning Visuals make the MiMiBee app their first choice to keep themselves busy and learn the needed topics in a safe online environment. Learning a language from scratch in a joyful mode without diversions and keeping their focus and concentration entangled. Learning everything from alphabets, numbers to every primary things and objects they need to understand and find difference on their own such as animals, birds, fruits, vegetables. The topics and categories keep growing often with much more based on their ability to grasp further and beyond.

Simbasmyth was launched in 2021 as a prime focus to enable learning in a fun and simple manner. We ensure that Kids make use of this platform to approach education in a joyful way. We churn out easy and creative ways of learning and make education their first priority.

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